Sydney Cricket Ground
Sydney Cricket Ground, GPO Box 150, Sydney

The Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) is used for multiple Sports events including Test Cricket, One-day International Cricket, Twenty20 Cricket and has also been used for Australian Rules Football aswel as some Rugby league and Rugby Union matches.

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Awesome sachin plays well here


by Steve Campbell Grant

The staff throughout the grounds were very helpful and polite - we went in the wrong door (my bad). Nonetheless we had a wonderful experience at the SCG. Admittedly the cost of a beer is inflated - but when it's a special occasion - such as a Major League Baseball game - or a Test Match (dare I mention the cricket?)


by Steve Desmond

What a great place. Full of tradition. If you get a chance to watch cricket or league etc. at this ground don't hesitate to purchase a ticket.


by Lachlan Burnet

A wonderful place to watch sport. 5 stars when the rebuilding is finished!


by Martin Butler

The members stand is the place to be in this historic ground when you're watching the cricket. The last time I was there I scored tickets from a friend and had a blast. Getting booed by the rest of the crowd for refusing to participate in the mexican wave while drinking full strength beer was a particular highlight.

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