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The Shahin Restaurant
67 Thames St, Sunbury-on-Thames, United Kingdom,

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by Laura Wills

great place and fantastic food made welcome by the staff and locals. high praise was given to us from taxi drivers and locals and im glad we visited this restaurant. excellent food


by Sue Westbrook

very slow service food not brill. Cold outside waiters kept opening the door (they were warm) sorry but I thought the guests comfort more important than the staffs!


by David Burge Photography

A very pleasant experience one Tuesday evening. Five courses at a very reasonable price. Will definitely be going back again.


by Jim Banks

Unless the restaurant is busy the service is very good but if it is busy expect to wait. I suggest Tuesday banquet night as the night to go it's very good value for money.


by Kyle Hancock

Excellent food and service. If your nearby definitely give it a go!