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303 Uxbridge Road, Hampton Hill, Hampton, United Kingdom,

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by M Gerard

This store leaves a lot to be desired. It is not well managed. For example, in the car park there are no indicators for most rows so you have take care to remember exactly where you parked by other means. This is the kind of thing that really puts you off a store, as does the fact that the signage is inadequate (or plain wrong) within the store - eg a large sign on the back wall saying SOFT DRINKS when they haven't been there for years and are a long way away. The aisle contents are wholly inadequately listed. Major categories (eg Tinned Fruit) are not mentioned. No intelligent thought has gone into the matter of signage.. The shelf tickets are often wrong or missing. Today, for instance, the price of Magnum Yoghurt Fresh was twice that on the website and I had to go and get one scanned to make sure I wouldn't be overcharged. Incorrect shelf ticketing is common here. Some sales lost here I think. I could offer other examples as I rarely visit the store without finding something wrong and although I have several times registered these kind of things with Customer Services, nothing is done to improve matters because the manager clearly doesn't care and just isn't very good at his/her job. A good manager would walk the store, in and put things right before they inconvenience customer, but not this person. He/she doesn't even rectify faults when pointed out! It's a pity because most of the floor staff are pleasant, efficient and helpful. It's the poor management that lets it down.


by Wayne Dickson

very bad as was assaulted by security guard for doing nothing as he grasped me and forced me back in store searched me found nothing and told me to get out of store, i am not a thief have never been done for shoplifting he did not even stop me and ask me if i minded going back into store just grasped me and man handled me into store and searched my bag in store in front of public how sham full but found nothing and did not even say sorry just told me to get out but yet he searched me and found nothing.