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Indian Zest
21 Thames St, Sunbury-on-Thames, United Kingdom,

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by Howard Berger

I'm a big fen of the indian food and this definetly my place.


by Chris Thomas

probably the best Indian curry we have eaten, fantastic traditional cuisine, knowledgeable staff and great chef, what more do you need, very highly recormended


by David George

Probably one of the nicest dining experiences I have had in an Indian restaurant. Pleasent friendly atmosphere within what can only be decribed as, an exciting house style setting. The service is outstanding along with the food. Highly recommend this restaurant for people who wish to experience world food without having the experience being ruined by idoits. Loved the food, l;oved the people and will be going back


by Richard Hazell

It was OK. The chicken was tough (dry) in the Malabar Chicken. The starters turned up as a well laid out Samosa (veg) and at £4.75 you know you are paying top prices, came with large chick peas - whole - which was a pleasant suprise. I liked it which is a suprise as I am not a chick pea fan. But then the rice with the main course was a bit overwhelmed with extras including chick peas. It was the Lemon Ginger Rice £2.75. I think the food was not over great. I was staying at the Premier Inn and ventured out in the snow on my own to go there so it was a bit of a let down. Beers at £7 for 2 x small Cobras was what I expected. Service charge is slipped onto the bill and it came to £27.23 with a £2.48 service change. I gave them £30 cash so they did well out of me but I have had better food and better curries in my life.


by Bryan Mawhinney

Indian Zest