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Innkeeper's Lodge
25 Oatlands Chase, Weybridge, United Kingdom,

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by Abhaile Mail

Did I catch them on a good day or did the other reviewers catch them on a bad? Stayed there. Room clean. Service good. Food OK. Nice pub I thought. Was full of book club discussing some mighty tome the night I was there. Wouldn't have thought they would meet there regularly if it was consistently poor.


by georgi simeonov

Verry bad food and servise


by A Google User

ordered our food and none of us got what we ordered either our meals were incomplete or the wrong things came with the meal. There was only one person who seemed to know what they were doing who was the new girl waitress who had apparently only been working there for 2 weeks, and then to top of all off the manager forced the girl to come over to our table and offer to buy us a bottle of wine out of her own money or i presume she would of lost her job if she refused. This is the worst service i have ever recieved in a restaurant and i hope the poor waitress finds somewhere else to work soon because she seems to be the only thing from stopping that place from sinking into the ground.


by A Google User

According to the website "Its connection with Tudor royalty is celebrated with paintings and engravings of the king and Ann Boleyn which adorn the staircase leading up to the Innkeeper's Lodge bedrooms.". It never had any connection with royalty, Tudor or otherwise... It was a private house in the 1960s and had been built around 1880-1890... Despite numerous claims, there was only one 'hunting lodge' related to tudor times in Oatlands and that was where the Oatlands Park Hotel now stands (and even that is not 100% guaranteed). This entire pub and it's predecessors are built on a myth as is their claimed quality of service and quisine. As for it being "a traditional village pub" - absolute rubbish in all senses - if you want that in Oatlands go to the Prince of Wales in Anderson Road.


by Sam Carson

A pretty pub, food is good, service is fine. Not amazing but a good place to have a beer.