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Hilton London Heathrow Airport Hotel
Terminal 4, Hounslow, United Kingdom,

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by Beck Duggleby

The Hilton London Heathrow Airport Hotel is mainly a business hotel and is a bit far away from central London for my liking (of course, that is the case with all airport hotels). The rooms are a bit small but get the job done and are very clean. Parts of the hotel are in need of a bit of renovation but it still looks very modern. It's an efficient and no-stress way to come into Europe from America.


by Charles Anderson

I stayed here on business for a couple of nights. The location of this airport hotel makes it the best choice for busy travellers. Rooms were well maintained with a comfy bed, staff was bright and the breakfast was good. Hopefully they will make the wifi free any time soon.


by Jasmine Watson

Before I moved to London, I frequently stayed in this hotel on business. It is a gorgeous airport hotel and though it's pricy you get the best service you can ask for. The Chinese restaurant is pure gold, fantastic food and friendly service! The rooms are spacious and comfortable and you can easily loose your troubles in the executive lounge!


by Cindy Owens

I was here visiting a friend and my flight got cancelled so the airline kindly paid for my stay at this hotel. It's a nice new building with a wide variety of dining options. I was very pleased with my room because it was quiet and comfortable, nicely done in every aspect. It met my needs perfectly and I would gladly recommend this place!