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Relish Bar & Grill
19 E Laith Gate, Doncaster, United Kingdom,

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by Amit Saini

very nice food, good atmosphere, top staff, very helpful


by Malachi Jones

One of the best places in Doncaster,atmosphere is fantabidosey with great music (especially jazz night), lovely beverages and seating. Then there's the food: Purchased a chicken and presto pasta with pine nuts, the taste was divine, however, the quantity of food I received was enough to calm the hunger pangs of a small antelope. Because of this I had to order an extra portion of chips. In total there was approximately 9 chips. Me and my chum had to eat again somewhere else in the end due to still being hungry. Maybe we're just greedy... Or don't buy pasta if you're really hungry. The other meals on the menu generally give you bigger portions and all taste like rainbows.


by david copeland

Always a good place to eat or drink day or night. Friendly atmosphere and very welcoming.


by James Hayes

The best place in Doncaster. Unfortunately Doncaster is not the place it used to be..... however this place and a select few others keep the vibe alive. Well done. Excellent food/staff and experience.


by Paul Brown

Went last night for a meal to celebrate my upcoming birthday, everything was good, the food was nice, and the atmosphere was buzzing as this place is always packed even on a Thursday night. My only complaint was that my salad was covered with salad cream on arrival, which I don't like, so it meant I couldn't eat any of it. maybe they should make this clear upon ordering, or better still why not just put it on the table along with other condiments for the customer to use at their disposal. Its not the cheapest place to go for a meal, but the steak was cooked to a very precise level and was very tasty. On the whole a good night was had by all.