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The Royal Well Tavern
5 Royal Well Pl, Cheltenham, United Kingdom,

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by Stephen Eveleigh

Pretty solid. It wouldn't stand up in a major city - but its decent enough for Cheltenham. If its quiet the service and food are good. God help you if its busy - it turns into a bit of shambles. All in all, chilled, good menu, good beer list and good cocktails. I'll be back there soon.


by Simon Dawes

Brilliant and innovative food. I do not know what the other negative reviewers are talking about. I have been three times and I think it is the best food in Cheltenham.


by Mark Fullman

Interior designers dont make good pubs/restaurants, good management and staff do. Unfortunately this place does not have either. The pub looks nice enough, very typical "industrial retro" style that is everywhere these days but the staff really really do need guidance. The food sounds good from the menu but in reality it isn't good. No matter how much the staff act as if the know it all, they really are out of their depth & certainly expose themselves when the food eventually arrives. Anyone who has actually travelled around a little and experienced genuine good service, food & drink will not fall for the hype. Go elsewhere. Cheltenham has plenty of great places to eat and drink.


by Christopher Beasley

Some mouth watering food and interestingly unique drinks. Staff are really friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed.


by James Orton

The decor and furnishing are first rate, giving the impression of a slick London inspired venue. Staff are very good as well, attentive and helpful. So why three stars? Firstly the food is not as good as you expect it to be, the Spam fritters are a nice bit of theatre but are just about okay. The fried olives are however unpalatable and frankly odd tasting. Steak was okay but again there in lies the problem, it's just okay you expect it to be superb. Finally the prices (especially the lager at £6 a pint) are mortgage requiring . All in all, a well done take on a London pub venue that lacks the quality of food for the London prices it charges.