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The Curry Corner
133 Fairview Rd, Cheltenham, United Kingdom,

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by titu ruhul

Stunning Better than a proper curry. This is a flavour adventure. We go on weekdays when the restaurant is a little quieter although some days it can still be very full but still very nice and relaxing. Highly recommend lamb samosas (crisp pastry, melt in the mouth lamb filling) and honey chicken - amazing array of flavours. Lots of excellent beers which we prefer to wine. Cannot recommend highly enough


by Charlie Barton

fantastic every time!


by Damian Bailey

Went here with a few work colleagues and the food was amazing, as others have said a little more expensive than other curry houses, but the local produce more than makes up for it. What I wasn't impressed with was that after we split the bill the waiter checked the cash we seemed to be short by £17 and he wouldn't let us re count...?!?!


by Mike Carter

Amazing food from start to finish.


by christopher Windsor

I think the food here is excellent. Definitely the best in Cheltenham! The food is more expensive than most places but I don't mind paying for quality, the freshest and tastiest Indian in years, the compulsory 12.5 is all right really. Usually you'd give 20% ish depending on how you found the service. If the service was poor here I'd maybe begrudge that, but it's not, it's excellent! Keep up the good work, I'll keep coming back for sure.