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Thai Emerald
60 St George's Pl, Cheltenham, United Kingdom,

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by James Orton

Nicely decorated with the obligatory running water and elephants. Waiter was some what surly and the wine by the glass is limited to Australian house wine. The food was okay but the Pad Thai is very nice! Busy with a decent atmosphere, overall this isn't a bad place just kind of alright with decent prices.


by A Google User

AMAZING place, AMAZING food!! I strongly suggest to anyone who reads this to eat the thai green curry from the TE!! I am blown away by its beautifulness!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cannot go through life without trying it! PLEASE get down there! YUMMO


by A Google User

Great food and a very pleasant atmosphere...


by A Google User

My favourite for Sunday lunch - Fresh, tasty and amazing choice. With all the attention to detail! Decor and atmosphere great. Quality of food went through a slight dip mid 2008 but standards are right back to where they were. Unreservedly reccommended!


by David Beer

To be fair, the food is fairly decent. But it's so bland it might as well be Chinese (that's unfair, but it's some sort of sick toned-down-Thai). If you're a fan of things like Yum Nua, Tom Yung Goong or Thai green curry, avoid Thai Emerald as you'll feel vaguely disappointed with the beautifully presented, perfectly cooked but wrong-tasting food.