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Ellenborough Park Hotel
Southam Ln, Cheltenham, United Kingdom,

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by Hilary McDaniel

A lovely upgrade by new owners of a long standing hotel and historic house of the De la Bere family. Tragically the new staff are not informed of the true history of the house, including the fact that lord Ellenborough hardly stayed in the house and its near demise was due to the neglect of that clan in the 20th century. The beautiful interior has been upgraded and manicured with sky lights and a snooty but fun restaurant. The rooms have been gutted and smoothed out. Gone are the silly pseudo old Elizabethan decor. The spa touch is terrific and apparently well attended in race season. The staff are propagating erroneous histories about the old auction bought paintings. These histories were told to several guests. It's a shame the owners don't bother to touch base with the wealth of historic documentation just a stones throw away and present a true picture of this bucolic gateway to the cotswolds. The house has connections in family and history with Sudeley Castle just over the common. Good that they have refurbished it just don't believe a word they say.


by Andrew Porter

Nice hotel enjoyable stay. Lots if nice facilities.