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Fred Archer Way, Newmarket, United Kingdom,

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by A Google User

Love the quality, even the store brand is great, and how relaxing it is to shop there! The self scanning system is awesome and check-out is a breeze with it. It really is such a treat for us to live just a few minutes away from a great grocery store. We're US Air Force stationed here and before coming to the UK we had to drive 1.5 hrs to get to a Whole Foods or 1 hr to another natural food store. Now, if we don't go to the weekend market or can't find what we need at the farm shop Waitrose is our next stop. I do wish that traffic is better leaving the store. You can only turn left, but besides this little hassle the store itself is fabulous!


by A Google User

The traffic system outside of waitrose causes congestion and waiting to get out of the carpark the last thing needed on your way home. Waitrose as always has super quality food.