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Prezzo Restaurant
2 Exeter Rd, Newmarket, United Kingdom,

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by vivian lewis

Food was authentic and atmosphere...awesome!


by Harry Richardson

I enjoyed the restaurant alot. Pros: good tasting food, reasonable prices, good service. Cons: None, was an overall good restaurant


by Dennis Dixon

Never had a bad meal here and have been here many times. Food, service and atmosphere all excellent. Will be returning many times.


by Mike David

we had not even had the chance to sit down when we was being hounded on for drinls and starters. needless to say we had not even seen the menu. Once we did the staff was very rude, They had the startes out to us with in 11 minutes but we waitted 20 minuutes for our mains after they took the plates away. they got the desserts wrong and could not get us out the business fast enough . Even though there was only 6 tables being used and it was only 6:48 pm. never go back there again and will tell everyone how rotten the experience was