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Montaz Contemporary Indian Dining
30 Old Station Rd, Newmarket, United Kingdom,

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by Brewster Barclay

Best Indian restaurant that I have eaten in outside of London and it compares with the best there. Excellent food, friendly service and many innovative dishes and very reasonable prices. Does the classic dishes brilliantly.


by Teresa DaCosta

0 stars (had to hit the star to publish my view!) sorry this was just aw fall the best bit was the naam


by M Chowdhury

if you like indian food please Try The Taj Restaurant in 10 Carlton Parade Orpington Kent BR6 0JB


by Caroline Hansford

I've visited the Newmarket outlet several times now. Food is good, varied, well-served, and the staff are paying better attention to whether you've finished one course before they bring the next, but there is still a tendency for waiters to loiter around your table, hassle, with interruptions of your conversations to ask 'Is everything alright for you?', instead of waiting for a convenient moment. More staff training needed?


by Paul Driscoll

Awesome modern curry house...worth the trip