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George Payne Butchers Ltd
27 Princes Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom,

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by Dorothy Forster

re xmas poultry unfit for purpose sold to me by George Payne. 8/01/2014 I received thefollowing letter from George Payne I quote ' So it has come to this, 2013 years following the birth of ...Jesus.. the wellbeing of modern society ...can be ruined by the absence of giblets. Sad, sad for you . it ruined your Christmas meal. Sad for me an act beyond my control. Can I make good... not with money, apology, sympathy, empathy or anything else. I will refund the money paid ... but not to you, the Peoples Kitchen, in the hope both of us can ponder the meaning of Christmas and come to place that gvies both of us peace. Yours George Payne'. I ordered a large 4.5kg capon for my family xmas dinner. At 6am I was totally shocked as I prepared to cook it. It cost me over £30 and to my horror it came without the giblets needed to make the gravy. This has totally upset me and ruined the morning and the meal. I originally went to George Payne because a butcher had let me down with a xmas turkey that came with no giblets. A couple years ago I told George Payne why I came to them and ordered a Bronze Norfolk Turkey. They laughed at the fact a butcher would sell xmas poultry without the giblets to make the gravy! I feel I have been dreadfully let down by a shop that calls itself one of the best butchers in the country. who would sell a chef a xmas bird without the giblets. I would have been happier to go to the supermarket at least they label their birds with giblets or without giblets. My xmas is ruined. I have opened my New Year ham to flavour the herbs from my garden I use to make gravy and am attempting to cook with slices of that. I also use the liver to make the forcemeat stuffing. I telephoned the manager on 27th December 2013 and he said he would send a refund in the post. It was the suppliers fault not his! Today is the 2nd of January 2014 and I have still not any word from George Payne. I will let you know what happens. I will never use this butcher again, my neighbours go to one in Ashburton Road and have been sold a perfect xmas poultry that is complete. I recommend any decent cook goes to that butcher instead. I phone George Payne at 6.20am this xmas morning to ask if they would send the giblets to my home message on their answer phone I do not expect an answer will those butchers have giblet gravy one of the best parts of the xmas dinner or do they think them not a part of the bird! As stated George Payne are to send me a refund I will let custmers know what happens