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La Pergola
Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101, Rome, Italy,

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by Nathan Peters

We had our 10 year anniversary dinner here and found our jaded palates blasted into wimpering submission. Service was impeccable, one of the truly great meals. The lamb is beyond description.


by froimtchuk Miguel

excelent restaurant. Don't miss the fagotelli


by Chris Schnaubelt

The best restaurant in Rome. Heinz Beck presents a brilliant tasting menu, which I would highly recommend, but the ala carte choices are also excellent. The view is unbelievable! The wine selection is huge with plenty of expensive wines but the sommelier excels at finding reasonably priced pairings for the meal if you ask him to suggest something in a lower cost range.


by Sev Onyshkevych

Outstanding. Overpriced but Outstanding.


by Robert Watts

then when we showed up for our 25th wedding anniversary on November 4th 2009 and the restaurant refused to honor our reservation. There was a lot of finger pointing they claimed our tour operator failed to perform a final final confirmation ritual and the tour place swore they complied with all known protocol. But the place was empty and I was just devastated after the incredible build up it had been given. Anyway with the ungodly prices they charge and that kind of screw you attitude it was probably a blessing. So do yourself a favor and get the reservation yourself.