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Alla Cupola di San Pietro
Via Gregorio VII, 90, Rome, Italy,

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by A Google User

Here for the first Once checked in and my wife and I were thrilled great! This board is already similar class hotel. The owner, a super-friendly Italian, who also is perfect English. We were received in the 3 bedroom apartment that has been converted into a pension warm, as good as I've never known anything like it and I'm around a lot. The reception went off so well that I thought I'm in a 4 star hotel. The owner once regulated the finance cell, gave us an A3 map shows us where the best and cheapest restaurants. Show us where each bus goes where. Explained to us what the No Go's in Rome, have to be careful what we do. The check in took about 20 minutes, then we also knew fully know what Rome is concerned. My wife and I stayed here on our honeymoon, came from Paris before and there were quite disappointed by the board. Here everything is so perfect that you can not believe it. The room meticulously clean. Mattress bedding perfectly and super clean. We even had a bathroom in the guest house to complete what we could. There it was extremely clean, no mold, no nothing. The decor was above average: hair dryer, WD, shower, toilet. Ample towels, bath towels. In the room we had LCD TV with satellite receiver, air conditioning, safe in the closet. There was free wifi so. Including breakfast we paid per person 42,50. 5min walk and it was at St. Peter's Square, which is more City does not work. Outside the front door, take 5 bus lines, a convenient transportation throughout Rome. The ticket for the train, subway and bus only costs 1 € and is minutes to 75. limited, but what is perfectly OK for the price. For breakfast every morning there were fresh strawberries, which were waiting at the ready-made breakfast table waiting for us. As a welcome gift we were given a champagne - wine and plate given. Since I have seen many board, I forgive this full 5 stars because that's what I've experienced before. Should I ever again go to Rome, it is only this board. As the owner of the board 2 times a day at the office is you have the apartment by himself, if no other guests are booked into the next room. Here you can really do anything wrong, that must have seen it.


by A Google User

Ottima la posizione, accogliente la camera, gentile il proprietario. CONSIGLIATO!