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The Duke
2 Duke St, Richmond, United Kingdom,

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by Rulande Henderson

Great for midweek lunch and for dinner or a casual drink, but in the weekend it lacks lighter lunch options such as sandwiches with a side salad.


by Sam Taylor

The Sunday roast is expensive and not particularly good.


by Chelsea Blacker

Unnecessarily Difficult Staff, Good Food, Lovely Atmosphere & Funny/Ridiculous Policies for Large Party Party of 18 on Tuesday evening for Christmas dinner. The Duke was brilliant for booking a large party, well organised, quick at communicating via email & phone, and entirely accommodating when I shifted the party size from 16 to 18 on the day. However, the staff is hit and miss. Upon arrival, the restaurant manager told me that once the party was seated, we were "not allowed" to go up to the bar and buy our own drinks. She said she would helpfully provide a second bill for drinks, separate from food. This "rule" was not relayed to me in emails, printed materials, or when I put down the deposit for the dinner. And quite frankly, the party of 18 wasn't interested in this "helpful" option. Firstly - who on earth says that? "You're not allowed to order drinks at the bar" when the establishment is in fact, a pub? Ridiculous! Secondly, the restaurant manager went to get her superior general manager (nice guy) who retold me the story of a separate convenient bill. In the nicest way, I told him we were going to keep coming to the bar or not order any drinks and he graciously came around. I can't believe I had to fight this out with the general manager. As with any large party, the bill was an issue. Our issue wasn't between people squabbling over how much they owed (we had all ordered the 3 course meal option and knew how much we owed), but with the staff (again). The waitress insisted the £160 deposit had been taken off of our approx £550 bill. It hadn't been, and we had to have the manager intervene to get the stubborn waitress to redo some simple maths. It was rather shocking the lengths we had to go to. On the plus side, the atmosphere was quite festive and well decorated. Value for money may not be at the top of the list, but the food is delicious and the men left full (always a good sign). The waitresses who actually served us our food were good natured, and patient as we worked out who had ordered what.


by Stuart Waudby

Intermittent attentive service. Overpriced but reasobale quaity. Excllent beer.


by Conrad Olson

Excellent food.