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Al Boccon di'vino
14A Red Lion St, Richmond, United Kingdom,

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by Lise Thorne

Fantastic place and highly recommended if you can get a table!


by Dan Donald

Simply the best Italian restaurant in Surrey. I think the idea is that you are going to an Italian person's house for dinner. i.e. you don't get to decide what you eat, but it is fantastic anyway!


by Roscoe Platt

Absolutely excellent. Choose your wine and let them bring you a fantastic variety of different Italian dishes. My favourite was probably the most simple dish they served, a mushroom pasta dish. Service is friendly and personal and they're happy to provide more if you need it (I came out fully stuffed!) This isn't fast food, its slow food at its very best!


by Alexandra Sheppard

I had one of the best lunches in recent memory at Al Boccon di'vino - a tiny Italian restaurant in Richmond that I'd never have known about if it wasn't for a team outing. Normally I'd be wary of a restaurant with no menu, but having several courses instead of two or three main ones is such a good idea. Not everything was perfect - the smoked salmon and mango salad didn't do it for me - but that's about the only thing I didn't finish. The beef carpaccio was especially good, and finished with the most amazing extra virgin olive oil I've ever had. Other highlights included the white asparagus risotto, roasted lamb shoulder, garlicky scallops still in the shell and some very lovely white wine that I regret not getting the name of. It also helps that the couple behind the restaurant are so nice - it's difficult not to warm to a restaurant owner that scolds you for not finishing your meal. I look forward to coming again (and not eating for three days in preparation).


by Tomasz A Biczel

If you're looking for pizza, stop reading now. But if you're looking for a true Italian dinner experience, it's the place to go to. Be warned that there is no menu here and you will be made to eat lots of small courses. And small doesn't mean very small. So reserve good 5 hours, find good companion and head to Al Boccon di'vino. If you have a problem with some food just tell, one of my friends doesn't like cheese - I know that's strange - and throughout the lunch she was served portions without it. Some of the people haven't drunk any alcohol, so they were served pineapple without grappa for the desert. Service is unbelievable!