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Hotel Amour
8 Rue de Navarin, Paris, France,

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by Antonio de Luca

Great location - smooth reception found within restaurant.


by Ariane Chonville

Concept très innovant, l'Hotel Amour est un lieu d'exception ou l'on vient a deux ou entres amis passer un moment sympa dans une ambiance feutrée et intimiste. La carte est correct et l'on mange plutôt bien. A faire au moins une fois pour tester une ambiance "differente".


by Kristin Rant

The food isn't good value for money but it tastes good though. The decor is very nice especially the patio with greenery. It's definitely "bobo chic" with trendy and good-looking people. A cool place for a cosy dinner with friends.


by george ku

nice and cheap.


by A Google User

This hotel is called Hotel Amour, but nothing in this hotel is made for Lovers. Ok the rooms are stylish and the food at the restaurant is excellent, but the service is the WORST I have ever seen in my entire life and i am a big traveller, used to staying at various hotels around the world, so i have certain standards when it comes to service. Hotel Amour was extremely disapointing. Firstly when you walk in there is no one to greet you or to welcome you. The manager is smoking a cigarette outside the entrance and he sees us walking in with our luggage not a glimpse, not a look or a not a smile to welcome us. The staff doesnt say hi to guests arriving. The manager sees us inside waiting in the middle of the room trying to grab someon's attention but no one comes to us. After he is finished smoking the manager walks back in and passes next to us whitout even asking "may I help you?" or "did you just arrive? (even though is just saw us arriving!) can I help at all? may I show you your room?"... Absolutely nothing... like if guests are part of the decor and they are so not important that you can just walk by without seeing them (even though you pay 200+ euros a night!). I told my partner "Is that a joke?". Let me explain how it works, as a guest, if you need anything at all you will need to express it to the staff otherwise no one will ever look at you or propose their help for anything !! And in a nice respectful way, with a smile even though you are already upset by the way you have been welcome. Otherwise they will be even ruder to you. Basically, this place is typical arrogant Parisian (and Im a Parisian myself so I know what I am talking about), the staff think they are so cool and trendy that everyone else (especially the ones spending money in their hotel) is $hit (excuse my French!) and dont deserve any respect. The staff is behaving like they are part of the Haute Bourgeoisie and that they shouldnt be seving others ! thats basically the mentality. This is NOT professional at all ! My boyfriend and I live in Paris, we just wanted to have a romantic experience in a unusual place, we are very much in love with each other and thought that would be the perfect hotel for us. But to be honnest, we were the only couple there. All the people having dinner in the restaurant were tables of men (one big table of 10 men, another table of 3 guys, and families with screaming children! etc...). Not romantic at all! But the worst part is that you book this place because you want a romantic experience, but in the end my boyfriend and I spent the whole evening criticising the staff and service because we were so amazed at what we were seeing !!! At some point the waitress slammed the butter on the table !! I was in shock, because we were the only loved up couple in there and I would have thought Hotel Amour would treat Lovers well and make everything for them to have the bext romantic experience (in reflection of their name). And to finish off, we ended up fighting because of too much negative atmosphere so not a romantic experience at all!