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Pizza Express
32 Queensferry St, Edinburgh, United Kingdom,

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by Robert Drummond

It's not your artisan, hand smoked, hickory chip fired oven pizza place, but pizza express has ALWAYS given great service, great food and a good choice whichever branch I've gone to. Book for Friday night as it's busy as you'd expect. There are always voucher offers available, - google for them- and these are often valid at weekends. Last night's meal for 3 of us came to £51. That was 3 courses and a round of drinks. Value, flavour, service. Thanks very much. See you soon.


by Sarah Lou

I refuse to eat meat which is a produce of Halal / Kosher slaughter, so for this reason will boycott Pizza Express and all other businesses which knowingly supply this type of meat to non-Jews and non-Muslims.


by andrew fletcher

The pizza was burnt and the staff were awful! lol The word i'm looking for is mincers!


by Paul Cocozza

Just enjoying a lovely pizza, for Katy's 14th birthday.


by Dawn Adams

had great time with friends great staff food great