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3 Lochrin Terrace Edinburgh EH3 9QJ, United Kingdom,

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by Shasta Marrero

We absolutely loved the food here! The flavor combinations were unique, but delicious and we're looking forward to going back. It was a relaxed meal (it took a while, but we weren't in a hurry). We got a bottle of nice wine, 2+ tapas plates each (shared a couple more), dessert for 20 pounds. Slightly more expensive than we were looking for, but it will be a place to go back to in the future as a treat.


by J Cola

Found it by accident yesterday. Great service and fair price. Something not easy to find in this city. So love the food, highly recommended...


by Valentina Clandestina

Less is more.. The Indaba is the great example of this. Just a few bunch of tables, nothing huge, nothing sparkly but yet wonderfull. Their arepas were like a piece of heaven, the staff it's always helpful with their tricky dishes' names and you could spend there hours without even realize of it. Totally recommended.


by Bruce Hadden

Great place. Love this style of eating and Indaba always seems to have something new to try.