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The Scotsman Hotel Edinburgh
20 North Bridge, Edinburgh, United Kingdom,

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by Claire Addison

As Edinburgh dwellers, staying here was a bit of an extravagance but we found a great deal on Secret Rooms and booked in for a Friday night for our sort of two year anniversary in January. I'm not sure if they were quiet or just kind, but the staff bumped us up to a suite which was amazing! We played Edinburgh Monopoly and drank champagne in our dressing gowns. A total luxury in our own city - would love to go back!


by F Robertson

Visited here a busy Friday night.Great atmosphere in this authentic hotel.Food was 9/10 but service could have been a touch quicker.That saying,it was nice just to spend a chilly night in this lovely building. Mrs Robertson Edinburgh


by Nicky Clark

Had to wait 50 minutes for our room to be prepared then were shown to a room that was messy amd had marks all over the walls. Complained and thankfully were offered a better room. The new room was slightly better, the view was attrocious but not the end of the world. At no point were we made welcome and were made to feel inadequate for the fact we weren't happy with the sub par room offered originally. All in all a very disappointing weekend and as it was booked as a Christmas present for my other half it made it all the more disappointing.


by nicole bettencourt coelho

My room did not feel at all particularly clean, but I thought it is convenient so one mustn't complain. I then proceeded to notice I had forgotten my toothpaste. I was mortified when I realised and when I requested some from the porter, to my amazement he responded we can sell you some for £5. I begrudgingly obliged and his response actually no, we do not provide this here. Was this a sick joke? I still do not know, do you, or don't you have toothpaste?


by Robbie Moore

So this is less a review of the hotel, but the bar/lounge downstairs. When you walk in, it definitely feels a little posher than your average bar - I was taken by surprise when I was told I could clear the bar tab afterwards and didn't have to pay for my drinks immediately, not a normal occurrence in Edinburgh! Inside the decor is a combination between modern and traditional with an open kitchen you can view into and a restaurant on the upper level. The service was friendly enough and whilst the bar selection didn't blow me away there was still a decent offering of beers/whiskies/wines. I can't comment on the food, but it's a nice place to visit if you'd like a drink in slightly more formal surroundings than your average Edinburgh bar.