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Castle Hotel
Gardiner Row, Dublin, Ireland,

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by Trevor McCarthy

Loved this Hotel Very central location, great base for visiting all that Dublin has to offer. Hop on/ Hop off bus was just around the corner and we could buy our tickets in the reception. The dinner was really tasty, lots to choose from and thanks to the bar staff for being so friendly. The live Irish music was brilliant and there was different bands on both nights we were there. Rooms are lovely and spacious and are very modern and well decorated. All the staff are so nice even down to the housekeepers who clean your room! I will be recommending it to all my friends and family and we will definitely be back.


by Malachy McCool

Last Summer, 2013, the last two weeks of June and the first week of July I stayed at the Castle Hotel. I arrived in Dublin Airport on Delta Airlines from Memphis TN and took the AirCoach, arriving at the hotel around 8 a.m. The check in staff were warm and welcoming and very efficient. Offered to store my luggage in a secure room until my room was ready. I went downstairs and had a wonderful full Irish breakfast minded by a restaurant staff who made sure I enjoyed it. Then I went back up to the lobby and caught up with the local news in the free Irish Independent. Off I went walking down OConnell Street and up by Trinity College and then back. If you don't walk the way to travel in Dublin is by Dublin Bus and for down the country it is hard to beat Irish Rail, all within a close radius to the hotel and staff will map your daily travel for you. Their restaurant serves fine evening food with Irish music and there is a Corner Café for those who like simpler fare. The staff at the Castle Hotel are second to none in my experience. The cost of my stay was very reasonable and included the daily full Irish breakfast. Next time I am back in Ireland the Castle Hotel will again be my base for another wonderful stay.


by Jon Hallén

Nice and quiet. Wi-fi in the hotel makes the stay more fun.


by Thilo Klein

I was staying at the Castle Hotel from Monday till Friday. There were three incidents, two minor, one major. I'm going to talk about the minor issues first. As breakfast is included, you have the choice between several menus. Unfortunately, as it is very busy in the morning you are likely to wait more than 10 minutes for a waiter to come to your table for you to place your order. I handled it by going to the waiters themselves and placing the order there. Also at breakfast time when I wanted to get some cereals, they ran out of bowls. I asked one of the waitresses whether I could get another bowl. She said that this should happen shortly, so I waited. But she didn't tell anyone, she refilled the cereals as if she had all the time in the world. After some time I left without cereals. Now to the major issue. On thursday I wanted a long-term female friend to come over. So I asked at the reception whether it's okay to have friends over for a few hours, because I have never had friends over within that time period before. She said, that this should be no problem at all. So far so good. The hotel has a policy that requires guests to hand over the keys when they leave and to get those keys when they arrive again. Apart from the occasional checking-in and checking-out procedures, this is the only task they have to accomplish. Within a few seconds this procedure worked every single time before Thursday. And I really mean every single time. But exactly at the moment when I was there with my female friend for the first time and I told them the room number the same way I did before, they said that they couldn't find it. It took them seemingly more than 15 min. to not find the key. So again, I have never had a visitor before in this hotel and at the very moment that she is with me they have "trouble" finding the key, basically the only task these people are being given? My friend became more and more angry and upset, finally she left. And all of a sudden one of the girls behind the desk - after searching for additional 10 minutes - offered me to fetch a replacement key. Which she should have given me immediately after searching for 30 seconds or less. I did not even know that a replacement key existed, it was their responsibility to know and get it immediately once they cannot find the key. To fetch the "new" key it again took her about 10 minutes till I finally got it. I cannot say whether it was a replacement key that she got from the cellar or the original key that magically appeared once my friend left. Needless to say my friend didn't want to come to this hotel again. The icing on the cake was that they did not even say sorry for not finding the key. They just didn't care. I want to add that I am white and my friend is black. Now put one and one together. This incidence is the reason for me to never stay there again. The girls who "couldn't find the key" are still working there so you are likely to meet them if you go there.


by Laura Prado

Didn't stay at the hotel, but had dinner there and couldn't be more satisfied. Serious irish live music, not the regular touristy selection. Food was good, not excellent, but the music made us stay there until they decided to call it a night. Amazing entertainment and service all around.