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Davy Byrne's pub
21 Duke St, Dublin, Ireland,

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by suhala carty

Love the atmosphere there.. They make you feel at home.. Its an Old pub with some old traditions still. A mix and wide variety of food & customers. I Always call when in town. Really enjoy visting. Love the new lounge area, Be back again..


by Jay Chappell

Stopped here for our last lunch in Ireland and really enjoyed the fish and chips. Great little spot to stop and grab a bite off busy Grafton St.


by Brian Herron

Celebrated Dublin pub that featured in Joyce's master work. It's firmly embedded on the Dublin tourist trail and many pub crawls and literary tour stop here. (Dublin, in fact has combined the two things its famous for, books and boozing, into a single tour: the literary pub crawl). The food is 'Irish' and OK. There's better to be had in the locality for the price but sure, if you're on the trail anyway...


by Eoin Bailey

The chicken and chips is great, make sure you have gravy!


by Marina Kisyova

Nice interior, but the food is just awful for the price. Mostly elderly people go there.