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1st Floor, The Fitzwilliam Hotel, 128 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2, Ireland,

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by Hugh Curran

Really enjoyable high end dining experience. The food is excellent and the wine list extensive. It is expensive so would mostly suit occasion dining. Veggie options not the greatest though.


by Dave Anderson

After being told that we could only come at 1800, we sat in an empty restaurant for almost two hours. Having said that, the dining and wine experience more than made up for the somewhat quiet surroundings (it was like we had the kitchen et. al. to ourselves). We highly recommend the scallops and truffle sauce and the partridge with sweet potato sauce and truffled egg. The sommelier wine pairings by course were excellent. Service was top shelf.


by Christopher Tate

This is my new favorite restaurant, despite my living 5000 miles away from it. I gather that Thornton's was dinged at some point in the past for the service, to the extent of losing one of its Michelin stars. I have to say that *today*, the service is excellent. Everyone we interacted with was friendly, attentive, and supportive. And the food? As I said, this is my new favorite restaurant, and I've been to multiple other two-Michelin-star venues. Top to bottom the tasting menu was superlative. If you've been to many upper-echelon restaurants you'll recognize how unusual that is -- frequently the mains are not as good as the starters, or the desserts fall short compared to the meat courses, or some such unevenness in the quality overall. This was absolutely not the case at Thornton's; the entire menu was unimpeachable. It was easily the most satisfying meal I've ever had. ... So much so that we returned the next day, and were treated to just as good a meal! Consistency *and* the best food I've ever eaten? A resounding YES!


by David Allardice

stunning food in average hotel restaurant