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The Village
26 Wexford St, Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland,

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by Jan Mahon

I found smale lot's of people cud find how new space smale for me


by Seanan Oliver Manfred esq. Kerr

Door staff ruined Christmas, New Years assaulted my brother too. Bought 3 tickets to this venue to see an act(the Rubberbandits) on New Years eve, two of which were Christmas presents for my brothers. When we got there bouncers refused one of my brothers entry because they said he was too drunk (he wasn't we'd been drinking between one and two hours at my home before heading out), we asked them what we could do so they first sent us across the road to get him a coffee, he drank it in front of them, still not good enough, now it was his outfit they didn't like, so he changed that, still not let in, finally after 30-40 minutes of this rubbish he said if he offered to stand on one leg for longer than the head bouncer to prove he wasn't drunk, the bouncer accepted the challenge, lost then (in a petty, bullying act of violence) pushed my brother over. They then refused to sign anything saying we'd been denied entry (they don't do refunds anyway apparently). All in all I'm out at least €100 over this and like I said, New Years ruined, Christmas sullied and my brother assaulted too. I wouldn't post a dead rat through its letter box, let alone set foot in the place ever again.


by Brian Herron

Just don't know about this place anymore – No longer bringing in exciting music acts to the upstairs venue, it seems happy to play second (slightly cleaner) fiddle to it's next-door cousin, Whelan's. At it's best when there's one of those Whelan's/Village access all areas gigs.


by Omar Sallman

fun on weekends. interesting offers on drinks, last time i was there the deal was 3 jaeger bombs for 10 euro. the crowd is usually very young, college students and fresh grads!


by Piotr Pasieka

nice pepol you cen meet ther