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Grand Canal Hotel
Grand Canal Street Upper, Dublin, Ireland,

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by J├╝rgen Ullmann

A quiet good hotel with a exquisite breakfast and the best beds i ever lying in


by Richard Hale

A good clean Business hotel. Comfy rooms, mine had a lazy boy style chair. Good Wifi, nice staff.


by Ankit Jain

Decently priced hotel but the biggest let down was that Wi-Fi kept breaking. Don't think I will book here again.


by Michal Drewniak

The Good: Rooms were clean and quiet. Service was good. The Bad: The beds and pillows were somewhat uncomfortable. WiFi was very unreliable.


by Forrest Thiessen

Perfectly good, though basic, rooms, and a friendly staff... but their Wi-Fi service is pretty much unusable. In May, 2012 they just switched from a marginal provider (BTOpenZone) to a new one that's awful: it disconnects and requires you to login with a password after even very short periods of inactivity, and is very slow--not even enough bandwidth to watch YouTube videos. The Wi-Fi is free... but these days it's usually free at most hotels--and actually works at them, too, unlike this hotel's, unfortunately.