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Four Seasons Hotel Dublin
Simmonscourt Rd, Dublin 4, Dublin, Ireland,

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by Evan Rapoport

Beautiful upscale hotel and dining as you'd expect from the Four Seasons, though the location isn't that great for walking around.


by Krishna De

If you are organising a business conference in Dublin and want a location that provides professional and attentive service then you must consider The Four Seasons. I have always found the hotel conference team very helpful which has meant that our conferences have been memorable for the attendees. When it comes to a location for families, we have enjoyed some very special lunches for occasions such as Mothers Day and Christmas - the Four Seasons lives up to the expectations I had of this premier chain of hotels.


by Wassim Purdasy

Bit expensive but really great for spending a few days.great service but good


by Brian Herron

Alright, lets get this out of the way – the ICE bar is one of the most hideously decorated bars in the city. It's also often stuffed full of ladies of lunch raising money for something or other trendy, like UNESCO. (Not that I mean to say that there's anything wrong with that – its just that you probably don't need to dress in a Liz Claiborne frock to do it). Anyway, why on Earth would you have windows that look on to one of the nicest hotel grounds in the country and then frost all the windows? Bonkers. Aside from that though, elsewhere in the building, the hotel fares much better; there's other bars that have the leather and old school luxury you'd expect and the banquet dining facilities are decent too. (Ok ok, in defense of the ICE bar, the food and the cocktails are excellent – if pricey)


by Treasa Nighruagain

excellent decor for business meetings and menu for occasional treats