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The Gresham Hotel
23 Upper O Connell St, Dublin 1, Ireland,

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by Sanyog Chaudhry

A little on the costlier side but facilities were great.


by Torbjörn Svanteson

Wonderful afternoon tea!


by Krishna De

If you are looking for a hotel on the North side of the Liffey then you will probably consider the Gresham. The lobby area is convenient for casual meetings and the bar menu is pretty good. However if you are looking for a venue for a premier business event or conference, there are other venues that you should explore. The conference rooms I have been in for events have also been inaccessible for people with limited mobility and in wheelchairs as there has been no lift access. Do check in on FourSquare when you are in the lobby as I have known colleagues avail of some special offers through the mobile app.


by Patrick Kellycooper

I'm writing this from the lobby of the hotel. The internet does not work in my room and neither the "complimentary wifi" or the ethernet cable (whose instructions direct you to connect to the wifi), provide internet access. While the elegance and beauty of the hotel cannot be disputed, its lack of 21st century requirements puts it at an odd place in overall quality. The price that you pay for the room is paying for the name of the place you stay at. It's paying for the expensive chandeliers in the lobby. It's paying for the well dressed men and women who manage it. The price you pay, however, does not go to giving you a good experience while you stay here. I'm sorry, but this hotel needs to update its services. Customers pay it enough for that not to be an issue...


by Daniel Friedmann

Toddy's Bar is a nice location for some pints and a chat with friends with little background noise