United States Grand Prix 2018

The 17th race of the 2018 Grand Prix calendar.

Circuit of the Americas
9201 Circuit of the Americas Blvd, Austin, Texas

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by Kenneth Jacobs

Amazing brand-new world class F1 track with finely grouped technical hairpin type stuff as well as sweepers, straightaway, and elevation changes. Random seating choices will not disappoint, giving you a good mix of several chunks of track from any spot you choose! And yea, F1 tickets are in the don't ask price range but many other events are cheap fun. For about $20 you can watch a day's worth of sanctioned car racing, such as the 2013 U.S. Vintage Racing National Championship I attended last fall. Short heat after heat gave a Gran Turismo style selection of cars to watch, ranging from the early 1900's cars with a mechanic instead of mirrors all the way to cartoonishly giant Porsche wings clawing around the chicane. Sometimes the starting grid showed a specific idea of the racing class, other times it had bonnet buckles being blasted by turbine powered beasts made of nothing close to bright polished brass. Check it out soon and go watch the little guys who might have to remortgage the house if they blow another motor that weekend! That's exitement for all, all for the price of a pizza!


by Steven Polunsky

The place is huge, and the parking spaces are a distance from the facility. However, there are options for transportation to and from as well as camping, the toll road provides an expeditious entrance and exit, and Circuit of the Americas (COTA) provides a professionally run entertainment complex. For MotoGP (motorcycle races), the public was allowed to ride motorcycles around the course, live music was provided, and the center area was filled with displays, vendors, and stunt shows. Large video screens provide views for those far from the current action. This is a quality entertainment experience.


by Jeffrey Fry

OK, I am new to F1, but not to being at fabulous locales and sports arenas. I have to say that the COTA track is one of the best laid out, most comfortable, and accessible I have ever been to. Cannot believe they built it in 9 months, and improvements were evident in year 2!! Glad I purchased my PSL for 10 years... a wise investment and love the venue.


by Mike Ewing

Let's get this out of the way. The food is lousy, the lines are too long, and everything is overpriced. That said, it's an absolutely incredible motorsports facility. Have visited for F1, V8 Supercars, Grand-Am, and ALMS/WEC, and the racing was all great. I can't speak to the place as a concert venue, and I wish that the owners were focused more on racing and less on events (X Games? RedFest???). Still amazing to me that little ole Austin hosts a Formula One race.


by Jane Min

Was so excited to travel to the Circuit of the Americas to participate during the first every V8 Supercars race weekend last year. Texas is HOT and humid, make sure to bring lots of sunscreen. The track and brand new so the facilities are very nice and clean although there are no showers. There are many great places to spectate - stands and grass. For the most dramatic I suggest the front straight. The hill up to turn one - insane. Seeing on TV doesn't do it justice.

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